Rear facing, do they fit?

So… What do they do with their legs? ….

Anna’s (owner) daughter in her Axkid Minikid (rear facing till 25kg) – she is 7yrs in May and is likely to still be rear facing until 8yrs (she is just 21kg at present). So many customer are aware of the benefits and safety of Swedish Plus Tested seats and are now requesting extended rear facing seats (which is fantastic).

But…. ‘What about their legs?’ This is a question often asked! Most babies, toddlers and children are very happy to sit with their legs crossed (they frequently sit like this outside of the car for example.. on school carpet, at home on the sofa, playing, reading etc.. They also sit frog legged and/ or straighten their legs against the vehicle seat! )

The most important thing about keeping them rear facing is you are protecting their neck and reducing the force on their neck if you have an accident! It is 5 times safer to keep them rear facing so do try for as long as you can 🙂

Pop in for more information or book an appointment to try one in your car! Ps… you will love the self adjusting headrest – perfect for those little tinkers who don’t want to get in their car seat!

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