Axkid ONE: The safest extended rear-facing car seat ever tested in ADAC!

The Swedish manufacturer of child car seats, Axkid focus on innovation, safety  and  ease  of  use  for  their  car  seats. They have won  even  more prestigious  awards for  their  newest  product  innovation,  Axkid  ONE.  Axkid  ONE scored 2.2 in the ADAC test.

Rooted in the art of Swedish engineering, the Swedish car seat manufacturer Axkid  has developed Axkid ONE, the first rear-facing ISOFIX car seat on the market to 125cm and 23  kg  which  launched during  2020.  Since  launch,  Axkid  ONE  has  received  repeated awards like “Baby product of the year 2020” and “Red Dot Award 2021” for its product design.

The ADAC test is an independent   test   published  for   the   European   market   and   duplicated   by   several authorities on local markets like “Råd & Rön” In Sweden and “Which” for United Kingdom. Over 20 countries in Europe use the ADAC test results for local car seat guidance and safety  measurements.  The  major  test-criterions  in  the  ADAC  test  are  tested  and weighted according to – Safety (50%), Operations (40%) and Ergonomics (10%) and of course the important toxic test which is a pass/fail test.

Axkid  ONE  is  the  first  rear-facing  ISOFIX  car  seat  to  be  tested  with  the  full  range of crash safety dolls up to 125 cm compared to all other rear facing ISOFIX car seats on the market which are only tested up to 105 cm: even tougher and harder conditions than other comparable seats.

ADAC comment Axkid ONE’s biggest strength in the safety aspect, as a very low risk of injury and low risk of injury in the event of a side or a front colision.

Axkid  ONE  proves  that  you  could  combine  safety,  comfort,  easy  handling  and  high quality  to  improve  safety  standards.  With  the  overall  score  of  2,2  and  impressive  1.6 score in  safety,  Axkid  ONE  is  the  best  extended  rear-facing  car  seat  ever  tested  in ADAC.

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