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Axkid ONE: The safest extended rear-facing car seat ever tested in ADAC!

The Swedish manufacturer of child car seats, Axkid focus on innovation, safety  and  ease  of  use  for  their  car  seats. They have won  even  more prestigious  awards for  their  newest  product  innovation,  Axkid  ONE.  Axkid  ONE scored 2.2 in the ADAC test. Rooted in the art of Swedish engineering, the Swedish car seat manufacturer Axkid  has developed […]

The Dangers of Hot Cars

Warm summer days not only entail benefits, but also risks. Every year state agencies and organisations inform about the danger of leaving children unattended in hot cars. Despite the warnings, incidents occur where children die from heatstroke and hyperthermia because they have been left unattended in locked cars. Luckily this risk can be prevented. Through […]